Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City regulating rental properties and charging new fees?
The City, considering the high percentage of rental units (42%), is concerned with the upkeep and maintenance of rental structures, and more importantly the safety and the well being for the residents. This program will benefit responsible property owners who take care of their property and provide a decent and safe place for renters to live.

Owning a home is sometimes the most significant investment a family can make, and that investment should not be threatened because the surrounding property owners fail to maintain their properties. The Residential Rental Program, when combined with the Property Maintenance Code adopted in 2006, seeks to protect each property owner’s investment by promoting responsible and proper maintenance.

The City is not proposing “new fees.” Obtaining a local business license (formerly known as an occupational license) has been required since 1995.

What are the fees associated with obtaining a local business tax receipt?
The fee for a lessor of real property is $74.00 for dwelling other than apartments. The fee for owners of apartment buildings is determined by the number of units. In the case of an entity or person that owns multiple single family dwellings only one fee is required.

Do I have to register and obtain a local business license for each rental unit?
No, an owner of multiple single family rentals only has to obtain one local business license. When registering, the owner simply provides a list of each rental property.

Does a nonprofit organization that owns rental property have to register and obtain a local business license?
Yes, all owners of rental property must register and obtain a local business license but nonprofit charitable, religious, and educational institutions are exempt from paying the fee.

Do I have to designate a local agent?
Yes, the property owner can serve as the designated local agent, provided they meet the residency requirements. The physical office and telephone number of the agent must be in one of the following counties: Brevard, Indian River, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, or Volusia.

How often will my properties be inspected?
This depends on the condition of the property/unit and is determined following an initial inspection. For a Class A rated property/unit a property can expect an inspection at least once every five (5) years, whereas a Class D rated property will be inspected more frequently.

Can I hire my own independent inspector?

Yes, you can but he or she must be an ICC Certified Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector.

If my rental unit is currently vacant can it be inspected now?

Once the City develops and finalizes its rental property database it will establish an inspection schedule. However, if a unit is currently vacant the property owner can call and schedule an inspection.

If residential rental property owners are required to register and obtain a license are commercial and industrial property owners who rent their property also required?
Yes, the code also provides for the licensure of lessors of non-residential properties.
For more information regarding the City’s Residential Rental Program or Property Maintenance Code please call (321) 433-8532.