Residential Rental Program

It is unlawful for any property owner to operate or rent a residential rental dwelling unit without first paying a local business tax and obtaining a local business tax receipt as provided in Chapter 12 of the Code of the City of Cocoa. City Ordinance 08-2007, established in May, 2007 sets standards for residential rental properties.Each property owner (or lessor) must have a local agent and provide necessary contact information to the City, a property owner can act as his/her own agent if they meet the requirements stated within the Ordinance.
Guidelines of the program include the following:

Inspection of Rental Properties

Initial Inspection of Rental Properties / Units

A report will be provided noting items that are in violation of all applicable housing, health, and property maintenance codes.A period will be provided to correct any noted violations and a follow-up inspection will occur. To request an inspection please call the Code Enforcement Division at (321) 433-8508.


Grade Classification of Rental Property

If violations are found, a re-inspection will be scheduled, a property/unit will be assigned a grade classification that will determine the frequency of future inspections.

Follow-Up Inspection

Generally each rental property/unit will be inspected at least once every five years.Depending on the rating assigned to the property/unit, it may be inspected more frequently.

Cost of Local Business Tax Receipt

The City will issue a local business tax receipt consistent with the fee schedule set forth in Chapter 12 of the City Code.The fee for a lessor of real property is $74.00 per property owner other than apartments.The fee for owners of apartment buildings is determined by the number of units.
  • Inspection Fee – no charge
  • First Reinspection Fee – no charge
  • Second Reinspection Fee - $75
The City shall provide the property owner / local agent at least seven (7) days written notice, prior to inspection of a unit, unless emergency circumstances warrant an immediate inspection of the unit for life safety reasons.

Rental Unit Classifications

  • Class A - The unit has no violations of applicable code.
  • Class B - The unit had some violations, but such violations did not pose an immediate threat or danger to the life, health, safety, and welfare of the tenants.
  • Class C - The unit had violations that were in excess of 10 and/or any violations affected the overall livability of the unit but did not pose an immediate threat or danger to the tenant.
  • Class D - The unit had violations and is either unsafe, contains unsafe equipment, or is unfit for human occupancy.
  • Class F - The unit is extensively not in compliance with applicable codes and is unsafe and unfit for human occupancy.
  • Class N - The unit was newly constructed and issued a certificate of occupancy within the previous sixty (60) months.
  • Class R - The unit was significantly rehabilitated and renovated within the previous 36 months.

Application & Renewal

  • Tax Due - Before September 30 of each year
  • Tax Delinquent - After October 1 of each year
All local business license renewals are processed by the city beginning August 1, and are due and payable before September 30.The license expires at midnight on September 30 of the following year.